Sunday, May 29, 2011


While in Rexburg visiting the fam last month, we took the kiddos to Fat Cats and discovered a new fun pastime: miniature golf! There was a 9-hole glow in the dark course and the kids had a ball playing on it. So naturally they've been asking to go minigolfing ever since. 

Derek happened to get off early on Monday, so we took family home evening to Jungle River Minigolf! The kids had a great time again, of course.

Golf Posers

Daddy tried to teach a little technique... you know, how to hold the club, how to swing, keep the long part of the putt forward. Just a few basics. Roman did pretty well with Daddy's help:

But left to his own devices...

Need I say more?

Xandri was also given a lesson... or two.... or six on how to hold her club. She kept forgetting and going back to her default- which looked so uncomfortable. Here, though, she's looking great.

Atta girl!

Avril didn't need much guidance herself and the other two looked on, impressed. Or impatiently. 

 She did a great job and even got a hole-in-one at the end!

After we finished our round, the kids begged for a ride on one of those quarter rides--- they had a whole row of like ten of them or something. And yeah, try three quarter rides. We only had three quarters between us, so  we picked the one little carousel that would seat the three of them. It took them around and around in a circle and while Xandri & Roman got their cheap thrill, Avril was less than impressed. I can't wait till they're big enough to take on real rides!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother's Day

Fantastic Mother's Day this year... started off right with sleeping in and a phenomenal breakfast in bed!

Then the kids offered their sweet presents.

Roman's, made at church:

Xandri's, decorated and gathered at home from her own treasures:

Avril's, created with time & love at school:

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
Thank you for,   Love and care and to be a mommy so I could de born and
Thank you for,  cooking for me and thank 
you for good night kisses and hugs and also
thank you for theaching me to be good
by giving me spakes and handsquees and sending me
to my room and giving me school so I can
Lean and thank you for being the best mommy
ever ever ever ever have in the whole
wide world.

Best. Note. Ever. 

These are the rewards of motherhood.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank You note

From a little girl Avril made friends with at the Hickam Air Terminal while waiting to catch a flight to the mainland for Micaela's wedding....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9 Years Later....

Driving to Electric Beach on the morning of our 9th anniversary, (thanks Diane for watching the kids!) Derek suggested I take the camera out to document our anniversary. I promptly obeyed.

Please enjoy the first picture taken on May 2, 2011. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

It was shortly followed up by this one:

Since I knew it was unlikely I'd outdo those on the ride I decided to stop while I was ahead. 

We went, as stated before, to Electric Beach. It's across from this electrical plant that has these vents that run out into the water. They're these giant pipes that have coral growing all over them and fish LOVE it there. Which means so do snorkelers, scuba divers, and snorkel tour boats. We saw several of each-- and some spinner dolphins out performing for some tour boats. We considered swimming out to them, but didn't know if we'd have time. 

It's crazy, because the water just shoots out of these vents and it's so warm that even though you didn't think you were cold before when you get back into the normal water you have to readjust! It was crazy how many fish were there, especially how many different kinds of fish and they'd swim right up next to you. We both agreed afterward that it's the best snorkeling we've ever experienced. 

This is how happy good snorkeling makes us:

Me being something like 23 weeks pregnant:

Seriously, though... how many husbands can say they still look like this after nine years of marriage, a medical degree and 3 1/2 kids? 

For some reason, obviously next to the good-looking guy in the picture, I really like the boat in the background here. Not sure why. 

I love you, hon. It's been a crazy nine years, with many ups and downs-- but mostly ups. I'm looking forward to every day of the rest of our lives together- to growing old and growing better with you. I can't wait to see what life brings us, but at the same time I enjoy savoring each and every one of these moments with you. We've made so many wonderful memories together and I know we have many more ahead of us. Thank you for loving me, for overlooking and forgiving my quirks and faults, for helping me grow into a better version of myself. Thank you for being my husband, my support, my lover, my provider, my companion, my partner, my best friend, my other half. When I'm with you I know we can conquer the world (if you're into that sort of thing).

Happy 9th Anniversary love!