Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!

We got a package in the mail for Valentine's Day from Grandma and Grandpa!

As you can see, we were very excited to open it. 

Once Mom got the picture she wanted (this was 1/3 posed), the floodgates were opened and craziness happened!

When the dust settled, Max got a soft "wuhv-wuh" (woof-woof) to love on and some candies,

Avril read us the sweet card that was enclosed,

Roman decided he didn't like his because he really wanted a SHARK,

but just as quickly decided the monkey wasn't too bad after all,

and the girls sorted out who got which heart pencils.

The girls also got cute wuhv-wuhs, not pictured here (they were moving to fast to get a clear shot without flash!). All the wuhv-wuhs got well-snuggled all night long. Avril reported repeatedly waking to snuggle hers better. 

From Mom and Dad--- new raincoats for the girls (somehow I missed getting a shot of my whirling dervish in hers) and new dress clothes for the boys (they grow so FAST!)

Thanks Dad and Shelley, Valentine's Day was a sugar-loaded hit!