Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Avril's Baptism

I didn't cry when she started preschool. 

Or when she rode the bus for the first time. 

I didn't cry when she started first grade- having skipped kindergarten.

But when my little girl turned around to look at me from the front pew where she was sitting with her dad, singing the opening song during the baptism, holding my gaze for the duration of the song...

Well, I tear up now just thinking of it. My heart is so full of joy and pride in my little girl for making this important decision in her life. So full of joy at the maturity she regularly demonstrates, her goodness and purity and her sweet conviction in the gospel. Watching her learn and grow, her testimony of Christ, of prayer, of the power of the Holy Spirit blossoming into something real and vital... I think this is the greatest reward a mother can experience. Sometimes I can't believe she's really only 8. She is such a good example to her siblings and to her peers- and to her parents. I love this girl with all my heart!

(four generations!)

I'm so grateful my family was able to make it out for her baptism. They were wonderful- fun, pleasant guests, helpful, easy to please and overall great to have. Also thanks to all our dear friends who were able to make it to her baptism and celebrated with us afterward- as well as those of you whose hearts were with us. Your love and support warms our hearts.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to School!

Yes, I know, it's crazy, right? 
First day of school here was July 30th. 
I can't believe I have a 3rd grader. And Xandri's in 1st grade... Eek! They're growing up too fast. 

I think Avril looks so much like her aunt Micaela in this picture, it kills me.

Xandri's expression makes me giggle a bit. She's standing in front of our school's mural/mosaic thing. It's pretty cool. I think it's my favorite part of the school.

It's crazy to me how proud I am and how nostalgic I get at the same time when I look at my kids. I call 'em my babies, but as often as I do they indignantly remind me that they are NOT babies. 

And like any good mother, I tell them that no matter how big they get, they will always be my babies. 

They are both so full of personality and energy, imagination and life. I love eavesdropping on their conversations and watching and hearing how they develop and how their world view shifts as they grow. At the same time, that scares the bejeebies outta me!