Friday, January 28, 2011

The Boys Come to Hawai'i Part Une

Weston just got back from his two year LDS mission in Kentucky and since Derek hadn't seen him since he left (well, actually he serendipitously bumped into him in an odd turn of events about a year ago in Kentucky while on his way to Philadelphia- who knew?!), we welcomed him back home with tickets to Hawai'i.

He was pretty happy about that.

Ewa Beach.
Weston's first time boogie boarding.

Sand throwing war.
There were actually shots fired on both sides, but apparently I didn't catch any of Weston at Derek, so it looks like he's just picking on his little bro.

Makapu'u Beach.
More boogie boarding. Weston is falling in love.
With island living.

See that pure joy on his face?
Or something.

Yeah, I don't know what I was making this face for.

For some reason I like it though.

Roman started climbing around on the rocks behind us on the beach and when we looked up, he gave us a baby dance.
He's got some killer moves.

Along with Weston, the bros decided it would be a great time to make it a bro trip- so Carson & Calli decided to come on out, too. It was a sad, sad day the day of their flight, though. Ranger had gotten sick... and he wasn't improving. So Calli made the call to stay home with him- but sent Carson on with Sean taking her place. While we were definitely sad that Calli and Ranger were left behind, Sean definitely brings his own brand of energy and fun to the table.

So when they got here Thursday night, it was, of course, magic time. I welcomed them with some ono ahi and steamed rice. Friday began the Hawai'i fun. I chilled at home with the kids (read: no photographer for the day's exploits) while the guys went up to Pounders to experience some hardcore boogie boarding and some body surfing. They actually got some good footage of that, but I don't have access to those videos-- yet.

After being sufficiently beaten and broken by the raging tide, they continued up to North Shore, stopping to eat at the Hukilau Cafe in La'ie, to check out waves at various beaches along the way (all were closed to the public because the waves were too big--- like 20-30 feet. Yeah.), and walked around the Dole Plantation eating fruit and getting bored of the obvious tourist trap that place is. Topped off the evening with malasadas and new magic cards and then headed home for some of my delicious southwestern wraps.

Saturday brought the Tripler Ridge hike- a daunting 5 1/2 hour long hike up and over the mountain behind Tripler, along the ridge, and down the Stairway to Heaven (Haiku Stairs). You may remember that we did the Stairway when Sean came last October.

We did not at that time, however, run into a successful boar hunter on the way up- or down- the stairs.


Oh and by the way Carson, we have your shirt here. And the blue and white one. They'll be held hostage until you and Calli come to claim them.

Is it just me, or does Derek's face look a little too trusting- and Sean's a little too... devious?

West-side side-hill jumping. He's back.


Yeah. This picture is oriented correctly.
And yeah. That line down there is the H-3.

Note how tightly Weston's gripping the rail. Something about this shot really captures how dizzying it really is on the Stairway.

Dirt lines.
It was a muddy hike.

Rinse in the ocean, head to Maui Taco for lunch (mango BBQ pork- yum!), and meet back here for Part Deux at Kailua Beach.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Boys Come to Hawai'i Part Deux

So picking back up where we left off after lunch, we headed over to Kailua. I was actually having serious doubts since it was windy and a bit chilly, and sure enough, I spent the time at the beach huddled in a towel watching the kids.

The girls, however, didn't waste any time in getting ready for the water.

Meanwhile, the boys played on their boogie boards in the waves- it took a bit of convincing for Sean and Carson to get Derek and Weston to join them in the water, but eventually they were all out there and insisting the water was warmer than the air. I thought about joining, but Roman was pretty busy. And then he gave me a "special" job to clean up. So yeah, that took up some time since I left the diapering stuff in the car which was parked clear down the beach.

Next day was stake conference and I was singing in the stake choir, so I went while the boys chilled at home with the kids and watched some football. By the time I got back, they were hungry and wanting to get out of the house, so I made some yummy Chicken fra diavolo with Lemon Spaghetti (thanks to Melody and Eugena for the killer recipes) which everyone loved.

Then Sean and Carson and I headed to Waikiki for some surf fun. Longboarding, as Sean puts it, is like yoga for people who like meat. I totally agree. Super fun and chill. It was nice to get out and enjoy some time childless and carefree and revel in God's creations. The ocean was gorgeous, the view was fantastic and the whole afternoon was fantastic. Afterwards we grabbed some pineapple burgers at Kua'aina Burger, dripping with Teriyaki goodness.... mmmm.

Next day I got Avril out of school and we headed to Hanauma Bay for Weston's first snorkeling experience. Hanauma is nice because you're almost guaranteed to see cool fish there any time you go.

On the other hand, you're also guaranteed to join a LOT of tourists flipping around getting sunburns in huge groups in the water-- scaring the fish into more shallow (read less accessible) coral areas. I don't blame them. I got scared, too. The other thing was maybe it was too early in the day, but the water was COLD. And for some reason, I had a hard time catching my breath in my mask. So it wasn't such an enjoyable trip for me, even though it was definitely fun going out with Avril- (she'd get really excited and frantically point things out to me)

"Ma! 'nurkle!"
We didn't get any further than this.

but Weston was pretty excited and happy about it, so mission accomplished.

Carson likes snorkeling.

After snorkeling, we headed up around to Sandy's and the surf was the calmest I've ever seen it there. Nothing I'd let my kids play in, of course, (they did play in it when it washed a little higher up the beach, but honestly it made me so nervous) so it wasn't quite as enjoyable for me, but the guys had a blast playing in the waves and I got some more great footage here... but left the camera in the car :(. Sorry guys! Hopefully I can get some of those videos to post.

After Sandy's we went on up to Kaneohe for some Genki's sushi. It was wonderful, of course, and Carson and Weston's first time. They loved it and are now sushi fans.

Tuesday morning... last one here. Weston leaves Tuesday night, Carson and Sean first thing Wednesday morning.

So first order of business: breakfast at Eggs 'n Things. Amazing. Carson got an ahi steak that was so tender and juicy and flavorful.... Derek got sour cream and dark cherry crepes that were heavenly.... Sean got a sausage omelet that looked positively scrumptious with a side of chocolate chip pancakes covered in coconut syrup... Weston got the mandarin orange French toast- he didn't care for the oranges, but the French toast was mouth-watering...

I got the spinach and bacon omelet with a side of chocolate chip pancakes covered in coconut syrup as well--- you can't go wrong with that--- and shared them with Xandri and Roman...

After breakfast, it was time for more surfing. We went straight out to the beach and wound up paddling all the way back to where we were the first day for some waves. We all got up several times and had a great time doing it. The waves weren't as consistent as on Sunday, and the water while we paddled out a little more choppy, so Weston was a little disappointed in it. But I think the rest of us had a great time.

Derek was awesome and offered to watch the kids while I took a board out and they enjoyed some time in the water, too.

She's practicing surfing already.

By the time we got back though, Avril had already been out of school waiting for me for twenty minutes-- and by the time we picked her up, the poor kid had waited an hour. She knew we'd be a while, though, so it wasn't too bad for her. I hope.

We headed home to regroup and everyone was so wiped out that we all just kinda crashed. After a while, the boys headed to the NEX to pick up some souvenirs and got some fantastic host gifts- a new bamboo lined mirror for the guest room (which I've been wanting- thanks Derek for tipping them off and thank you thank you THANK YOU Carson and Weston for getting it!) Sean claims to have gotten me a stylus for my iPad, but I have yet to see it. I haven't yet decided whether to give him credit for it ;).

Thanks guys, for a great visit! We're so glad you came out. We had such a great time and definitely hope to see more of your smiling faces!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Camas Comes to Hawai'i

So Camas and Matthias came to Hawai'i for a vacay-visit this past week. It was great to have them out here, and we had a blast staycationing with them!

Started out with some fun at the Sheraton pool downtown... I think. Can't remember which pool it was exactly. The girls brought their mermaid fins, but spent most of the time going down the slide...

as I did at least once as well (pictured after successfully disembarking the slide) 

It was fun, but I was feeling a touch queasy, so a little less playful than I might otherwise have been.

and hanging out in the hot tub with the Asian tourists,

while Matthias teased Roman. Or maybe Roman teased Matthias. It wasn't too clear. 

Matthias had to get back to work after a few days, but fortunately for us Camas had a bit more time, so we did what we could to make the most of it! Among other things, we made sure to visit turtle beach (Laniakae Beach I believe is the official name. North Shore, about 5 min past Hale'iwa depending on traffic). 

Xandri obviously loved Camas and showed it in her usual spider-monkey way. Please notice "Bok-bok" the Parrot Finger Puppet hiding behind Camas' neck there. 

Roman spent his time like a typical male, just walkin' around, checkin' stuff out (you know I'm rehearsing the Seinfeld skit in my head now...)

There were a few turtles on the beach that day, so it was definitely fun to see what they were up to. Typical turtle stuff, it turned out. Highly fascinating. 

We had such a great time at the Sheraton pool that we decided to hit it up again. This time Roman brought his truck:

and Camas brought my book:

A trip to Hawai'i isn't complete without the North Shore, Kailua and fresh fruit from the Dole Plantation. We hit all of those up. Kailua especially was a hit- as always!

Fantastic beach book. I'll vouch for that.

So glad my cuz came out for a visit, it was great to spend some quality time with you, Camas! Miss you already!