Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kayak Attempt #1 Slash Hickam Beach with Maggie

We've been eyeing up the kayaks and paddle boards available to rent for cheap at Hickam from some time now. So when we went with Maggie yesterday, we were ready.

Unfortunately, they weren't ready to rent to us. Apparently it was "too windy" that day and they weren't renting anymore for the day. 

I told the guy who apologized to me about to go ahead and inform my two year old boy about the turn of events and he opted instead to let us paddle around close to the shore. Ha. 

The kids loved it, of course, definitely didn't complain about not going out farther!

Roman was a bit nervous about the whole affair and spent the entire time flanked securely by Mom's legs.

Afterward I relaxed on my beach towel and soaked up some rays while Maggie made sandballs with the kids.

Cold and thirsty and back on the towel. Family photo op!

Shane showed up a little later and he and Maggie played with the kids in the water. The girls took turns clamoring for Shane to throw them into the water.

Meanwhile, Roman got chilly and came back in for a warm-up snuggle. All in all, a great day at the beach!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleepin On the Couch

What could possibly be more fun than your very own bunkbed to sleep on every night?

The living room couch, of course!

Or in Roman's case, this ultra comfortable antique school desk. That fits him perfectly. Except for a couple inches up top. And maybe a couple at the bottom. 

And it makes sense that the littlest girl sleep on the biggest couch,

while the biggest girl curl up cozily on the chair. 

Doesn't her neck look so comfortable?

Phantom Baby

Phantom Baby came back.

And turned into Real Baby.

That's right, I'm pregnant with our fourth little keiki!

Oh, and if Phantom Baby doesn't make sense to you... allow me to explain real quick. A while after each kid has been born, a "phantom baby" shows up in my head. Phantom Baby makes appearances when I'm somewhere and both/all kids are accounted for and I begin wondering where/how the baby is- when I realize all at once that the baby is right here with me. All my babies are. 

Now, Phantom Baby could just be a result of being a mom with more than one kid. You're constantly doing a head count with three and up. 

But my theory (which coincidentally has a lot to do with my religious beliefs) is that Phantom Baby is really the spirit of our next child hanging around reminding me that it's his/her turn to come to earth to join our family. That there is another to for whom to feel concern or to whom to give attention. So Phantom Baby showed up a couple months before I got pregnant. 

And now Phantom Baby is Real Baby. 

Who will be here September 3rd.

And who I think is a girl- but I'm basing that on scientific data like the intensity of my morning sickness. So we'll see soon I guess. Baby Zickgraf is on the way in any case!