Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daddy, has it been 5 minutes yet?

So I thought it would be fun to start taking Avril on daddy daughter dates. So I mentioned this to her and explained to her basically what it was. Needless to say she got very excited at the prospect, and wanted to know when we could go on one.

School was just finishing up so I had to deflect her requests for a few days. Finally Thursday night was settled upon, however she had a very long day Thursday and was acting fairly grumpy by the time of our date arrived. I decided she needed to relax on the couch for 5 minutes to settle her down and give her a little rest before we went out. She was really excited to go and wasn't thrilled at the prospect.

Within 3 minutes of sitting still on the couch she was sound asleep. I was tempted to just let her sleep all night but I knew she be heartbroken in the morning when she realized that we didn't go. So I let her sleep for 30 min and went to wake her up; that wasn't happening, she was out cold. I was literally shaking her and yelling "AVRIL" but she couldn't be roused. At that point I figured if she was that sound asleep it was probably best to just let her sleep.

So I piddled around the house for a few hours then retired to the basement for some gaming action. At around 2:30 I hear this little voice from upstairs, "daddy, has it been 5 minutes yet?" I started laughing, "Oh Avril it's been about 5 hours, it's too late to go out now." With tears streaming down her cheeks, in disbelief at the injustice, she exclaimed, "That naughty, NAUGHTY daytime!"

Well the next day we finally got to go on our date. She wanted to play on some indoor toys, since the trip to Columbia that day with Tasheena didn't include Bonkers like she thought it would. That narrowed down my options to Burger King. The date was really fun, Avril jabbered almost nonstop about everything that popped into her mind, and I think she enjoyed having my undivided attention during the date.

Our Fourth of July Celebrations....

Actually, we were too cheap to buy fireworks at full price, so we waited until the fifth of July for the following celebrations. In any case, enjoy the Fourth, Zickgraf-style:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Sunday, July 6, 2008


I just put up so many new posts with various dates that they are now on the next page... so if you're hardcore about reading my blog, don't miss those ones!

Why I Hate My Camera

Look at these would-be darling pictures. All because my camera's seen it's day... and probably a little bit because I don't always know what I'm doing. But I'm not super motivated to learn on this one, because I'm really hoping we'll be getting a new one soon. I'm rooting for the Canon Rebel XTi right now, but I've heard good things about the Sony Alpha200.

This last one actually did turn out... kind of... with a little help from Picasa.

Derek's New Look

An update on the fluffiness... this is Derek's new style of late. I think he looks pretty retro. What do you think?