Sunday, October 14, 2012


Learning a language can be a tricky thing. There's all sorts of things to figure out.

Like no "attractions" at the table. That's one of our rules. We're not too sure what it means, but people are gettin' attracted by all sorts of things around here- books, cars, games, sisters. It's really easy to get attracted when you're supposed to be doing a job. 

Another tricky one is how things keep "jus-appearing". He sets a toy down and goes away for a while and when he comes back, it's "jus-appeared" and nowhere to be found! It's pretty confusing.

Or when he's watching SuperHeroes or Diego on the "tevy" and people keep "erupting" him. This boy really hates getting erupted. And those sisters do it all the time. Poor guy can hardly get a word out before somebody's erupting him again.

Water Kitties

For some reason the kids love pretending to be kitties. Roman is the Green Kitty, Xandri is the Yellow Kitty. I'm not entirely sure if Avril is a specific color of kitty. Although sometimes she's just the owner of the kitties. Max enjoys the crawling part of this game, particularly now that he's walking. I think he likes feeling like he's pretending with the big kids. He's a smart baby, that one. 

Anyway. Back to the kitties.

Avril and I were mermaiding (yes, that is the technical term for shouting "I'm a mermaid!" and diving under the next big wave) when Avril informed me that the kids were "water kitties" today. 

I asked her how that worked since most kitties hate water and she explained that water kitties are very rare. 

So I asked how many there are in the world. 

"Three," she replied. 

"Oh, I see. And do water kitties have paws or fins?"

Scandalized at my ignorance, she replied in a voice dripping with all the scorn and incredulity she could muster, 
"Paws, of course! We're not CATFISH!"