Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perhaps You've Noticed...

... or perhaps I'm the only one who realizes my seemingly glaring absenteeism in the blogging world.

I'll be honest. I needed a hiatus. From EVERYTHING that I spend my time on, especially the internet. Now we're settled into our home in Logan, and mostly done visiting family and friends here in the west and ready for Derek to start his rotations on Tuesday.

But, I will say that a lot has happened between now and our last post. Here's a quick recap:

1. We gave our dogs to the Humane Society in Kirksville. It was a difficult choice, and an easy one. That's a whole story for another post. We miss them like crazy sometimes... then I see the chewed up shoe that we somehow hauled across the country and I'm 100% at peace with the decision.
2. We moved across the country back west. It feels good to be in the mountains again, great to be within such an easy distance of most of our friends and family, and terrible to remember all the great friends and fun times we left behind.
3. We visited:

  • Derek's grandparents in Soda Springs
  • The Sorenson clan in Spanish Fork (some of our favorite people in the world, my other set of sisters)
  • My cousin Camas spent the weekend with us after which we went down and shared birthday dinner with her bro Brad & their lovely family
  • My family in Rexburg- my sister just had a darling little boy, David Raphael (sorry if I slaughtered it sis, haven't seen it spelled!)
  • Derek's family in Meridian
In between the traveling, we've spent at most 4 consecutive days at a time at our house in Logan. So organization has been coming very slowly.

4. We went furniture shopping and for the very first time forked over actual cash in exchange for our sofa set (our previous sectionals were: a. the inherited and infamous "brown couches" that were given to us by Derek's parents after they upgraded; and b. another man's trash became our treasure- we found it in our apartment's -ahem- dump.)
5. We celebrated Avril's fourth birthday (another post as well). I can't believe my baby is four. She is such a girl-- and such a BIG girl at that!
6. We celebrated my 25th birthday. Supposedly my gift is the camera I've been longing for and coveting for so many months now, but I have yet to see it. Something about finding a "deal".
7. We pretty much bought Derek a whole new wardrobe for rotations.

And that sums it up pretty nicely... intersperse this with a lot of Magic the Gathering for Derek & his bros and a little yoga, a lot of pool lounging and tv watching for me & the girls and you have the past month and a half. Maybe I'll get around to posting pictures even.