Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surf Day

A couple weeks ago we took my new-to-me fish board out for a spin in Kailua. It was a great day for surf practice, with plenty of great waves and a lot of fun. No, I didn't get all the way up. Just to my knees-- but I caught a couple of waves in and it got me excited to keep it up and get better. My arms wore out before my interest did, though and I begrudgingly gave up my new toy to Derek to try out.

Meanwhile, however, the kids were back on shore with Daddy playing in the shelter our friends Jeremy and Monica had erected,

running barefoot along the beach, you know, just getting some exercise...

and sippin a cold one.

This guy finally decided (or so I gather from the pictures since I was out in the ocean at the time) that the girls were having a lot of fun and maybe he should check things out, too.

Yep, definitely fun.

The girls love the beach and have finally moved from complaining every time we go to getting excited when I say "beach". This is no doubt due to the fact that every time we go we somehow manage to miraculously (believe it or not) have FUN!

He got right to work and built a pyramid. Look how proud he is of his work!

Anyway, remember what I was saying about giving up my board to Derek? Yeah, well, wouldn't you know it-- he got up quite a few times on it. Show off. Sadly, I didn't get any really good pics since of course he decided to get up after I'd put the camera away (trust me having a camera handy at the beach would be a nice thing, but it wouldn't last long. The camera, that is.)

So while Daddy was out showing Mom up, Mom and Roman were back on the beach- too cool for school. Or maybe the sun was really bright and all he wanted was to hold the camera. But I'm not gonna tell you which.

The Thing.

Funny story. He got The Thing in a happy meal and was kind of scared of it at first- when you turn it on and shake it (it actually works best if you hit something with it. Not a fan.), he growls and says, "IIIIIIT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!"

Well, of course he adjusted to it really quickly (by the way, the fear relates to a Big Foot toy that was on display at Target that was huge and terrified him) and started hitting things with it. So he was sitting on my lap with it and what happened? He smacked me in the eye with it. Well, more on the brow bone, but you get the idea. And what did that stupid toy growl as a result?


And now it's his new BFF.

I thought about posting the series of pics that led up to this one- she's such a ham! I love it. She kept posing and being silly with these big, happy grins, just eating up the attention. I hope that never changes.

And I hope I don't live to regret saying that.

Of course, Xandri had gotten all tuckered out, so when I got back on the beach, this is what I saw.

Too bad I didn't get a pic for you later, she was lying down wrapped in a towel and if you hadn't known she was there, you never would have guessed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pretty Girl

On our "hike" slash nature walk to Waimea Falls, Avril found this once pretty, but now sad-looking flower- which, of course, she still found beautiful enough to pose with. And somehow she manages to pull it off.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our New Home {set 3}

Now for the bedrooms. I know you are all wanting to know where you'll be staying when you get here, so I saved the best for last :).

Anyway, we decided to convert the third bedroom for guests, so the girls now sleep in here (we did promise them bunkbeds):

Just kidding. But kind of not.

Here's the real deal:

Note the awesome built-in dresser, mirror and cabinets- thank you for saving us on furniture costs!!!

And just in case we didn't have enough storage space--- a bunkbed with lots of drawers. Seriously, it's almost hard for them to mess up their room cause they love putting all their crap in special drawers. (On a side note, those windows are called jalousies to refer to my last post.) And yeah, they like their bunkbeds.

Roman's room-- saddest day of all. Note my lovely Amish-crib not set up in the corner. That's because the other side of it got broken in the move. It was a clean break so I'm holding onto the hope it can be fixed. I gotta get around to filing my claims....

Our room for the first two weeks while I got everything else settled in and arranged:

Our room at the present:

It's huge! Btw, your thoughts on the parasol over the bed? I'm not sure I'm loving it, but I want it somewhere cool and there's an ugly window AC unit there that we have yet to use. I have a couple other ideas for covering it (mainly a tapestry thing or something). So. Your thoughts- please!!! By the way, did I mention how much I adore these built-in drawers?! There's a his and a hers in here. As well as another closet. We FINALLY have enough space for our obscene amount of clothes.

The Guest Suite:

Ok, we'll fix it up for you. Are you ready?

Don't worry, we'll move the wagon for you. And hopefully paint. Ugh this yellow hurts me!

Our New Home {set 2}

First to clear up some confusion: we didn't buy, we're renting. And although I would love to take credit for the landscaping, it preceded us.

Here's the yard we get to enjoy.

Roman loves the ample hose opportunities at varying intervals around the property. He takes full advantage of them whenever I'm not looking and usually winds up very happily soaking wet.
Caught you, kid!

Along one side of our house we have this wonderful clothesline that I've been putting to use to save on our electric bill. Along with this, please note some leaps I've made in forgoing some modern conveniences with this home and my resulting attitude shift:

1) Clothesline: Hanging my clothes is somewhat therapeutic. I enjoy it, I like saving the energy and using the sun's power, being part of my environment. I love the smell of hung laundry. Yes, it's a little stiff and rough hanging outside, but I don't find it to be a problem by the time I'm ready to wear or use whatever. And if it bothers me-- air fluff in the dryer for 5 min!

2) No AC: Yes, in Hawaii this can be a travesty. But you know, I had AC in Missouri and I was a Nazi about keeping the doors closed, the windows closed and not going outside for fear of sweating. Granted I'm covered with a light sheen of sweat most days, but now I enjoy our yard more fully, again I feel more part of my environment and I enjoy tradewinds through the jalousies (check out windows in interior pics). I don't mind the doors and windows being open and I don't feel like a prisoner in my own home at the mercy of the weather.

3) No dishwasher: Again with the savings on the electric bill. Plus, I always had to rinse my dishes first anyway, so now I just add soap and I'm done. This one is less fun hippy for me, but cutting energy costs out here is a big deal since utilities can be very spendy, so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Our backyard goes up a hill and the owners have utilized the space well by terracing. They've left the terraces on the sides empty of concrete so we have plenty of garden space which we've filled with tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and herbs- as well as added a lemon tree and a clementine tree. Hopefully we'll add some delightful pineapple plants to the mix as well- although in a period of three years we'll only get three pineapples per plant!

The top of our backyard leads to a fenced "wilderness" that is technically Tripler property but is outside the Tripler fence since they didn't want to mess with the landscaping that had been done by the time they were putting the fence in. So lucky us- more garden space, outdoor entertaining and/or.....

A workshop for the kiddos!

Immediately behind our house is this wonderful covered patio with plenty of storage and geckos (see Gecko Hunters along the top of the wall). This also has a clothesline for those rainy days.