Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go, Go, Go, Joseph!

Why I Haven't Blogged In Ages

Well, folks, we're coming up on our last week running of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", that's why. We've been rehearsing since January and it has been playing all of March.

(Matt B. -aka Benjamin.)

Honestly, it's been an amazing experience in sooo many different ways. I've made so many great friends (including my awesome new BFF Mary, not pictured here) and learned so much about myself. Derek has been beyond supportive and taken such great care of things around here while I've been off most nights rehearsing and getting a LOT of "me" time. I honestly have an incredible husband, people. Not only did he feed the kids and put them to bed virtually every night, he's cleaned the kitchen, kept the laundry done and then listened to me talk his ear off after rehearsals/performances!

(Zebulun and Zebulun's wife)

Anyway, like I said this is our last week performing, so if you're in the area you should come see our pretty awesome show. We've worked really hard on it and have a great cast. Go to to get your tickets and check showtimes. And if it says it's sold out--- well, check out the time anyway. There's a good chance you'd still be able to get in on stand-by.

(my adorable friend Megan. I mean, Issachar's wife.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hawai'i FAQ

Yeah, yeah. I've been busy. Anyway, here's the promised FAQ.

Q. When do you move?

A. Derek's report date is June 7th. We will be moving that first week in June.

Q. How long will you be there?

A. Derek's residency is three years.

Q. Do you have housing set up?

A. Not yet. We're looking into getting temporary housing with the Army and looking for a home to (hopefully) buy (or possibly rent) when we're actually over there.

Q. How will you get all your stuff there?

A. The Army will take care of that for us! Yay! It will take about a month to get there, though, so we might as well stay in temporary *furnished* housing while we're there anyway.

Q. What about your cars?

A. Yeah.... we're needing to upgrade anyway, so if anyone out there's interested we're selling them before we go! I heard tell there are great car lots over there where military families buy and sell their cars very inexpensively.

Q. Can we come visit?

A. Absolutely! No, seriously, folks, we are planning on getting a home with a guest bedroom specifically for this purpose. We would love for anyone who wants to come out and see us. I mean, we're pretty cool people. I wouldn't blame you for wanting to fly out and see us. Hawai'i's pretty cool, too, I guess.

Q. Where will you live?

A. We're looking mostly in Kaneohe and Ewa Beach.

Well, those are all I can think of. If I didn't cover a question of yours, shoot it my way and I'll throw it up here.