Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to School! (Finally)

Six weeks.

That's how much school the littles missed during the course of our move.

So their first day of school was a random Wednesday in late Sept and they may or may not have had such things as pencils, paper, backpacks, etc.... (Ok, here's my dirty little secret... This picture was their second day of school. Shhhh...)

But they got there. Nervous, uncertain, apprehensive, but they got there. I wondered how they'd all do thru the day. Xandri had a field trip to start off with.

When I left after dropping them off, Roman had been surrounded by about 6 little boys, 2-3 of whom claimed knowing him from church (so glad we went that Sunday!); Avril was deep in conversation with another girl walking down the soccer field; Xandri was hugging herself in the field trip bus line looking lonely and scared and worried.... My heart broke a little bit for that one! So naturally I was a bit worried about their day.

When they got home on the bus though, they were all smiles, full of energy and excitement and stories about their day and new friends. I loved hearing it (all at once lol) and was so relieved to hear what a good day and what new friends they made. I think living in a military town will be a good experience for them!