Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visiting the Mainland: An Essay by Avril Zickgraf

I found this crumpled up somewhere. I'm so glad I did.

final draft

by Avril                                                                                                                                       5-16-11

Visiting The MainLand

Have you ever been to the mainland? I have. And it was really really fun. When I was visiting Bosie (sic) we went to Mariteen to see my Grama and Grampa Zickgraf for half a week and I had a sleepover. Then we visited Logon and my old firend alena and I played with her for 3 whole hours and Then went to Travis to visit my great Grampa and Grama Zickgraf and Then we flew for 10 hours and 3 flites and on the end of the 3rd flite my dad picked us up

I hope we can do that agen some day. And I wish we could live on the main land so we could visit Grampaes and Garamaes and cousins and firends. And I hope if my wish comes true I hope we visit the MainLand for 40 days insted of two weeks.


Breta said...

Awww. Yeah, come back to the mainland!!